2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog addendum 
    Jul 15, 2024  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog addendum [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Baccalaureate Degrees

Baccalaureate Degrees Available

The BACHELOR OF ARTS (BA) DEGREE reflects the humanistic approach in the study of the major or area of concentration. For the humanities, this is the standard degree. In the other divisions, this is an optional degree designed for specific purposes.

The BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (BBA) DEGREE merges the foundation in liberal arts and sciences with applied professional knowledge in the functional areas of business, including accounting, business law, economics, finance, international business, management, marketing and production.

The BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (BS) DEGREE is generally directed toward a professional career in a scientific discipline. It includes scientific and research methods necessary for advanced study and/or professional careers in the natural and social sciences.

The BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING (BSN) DEGREE is designed for registered nurses and students in the traditional baccalaureate program. The curriculum combines liberal arts and science courses which provide a general and professional education.

THE BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK (BSW) DEGREE. program honors students’ natural interest to help others focus on prevention and treatment of social problems, promoting well-being and service, and improving community and society through policy, research, and practice. The curriculum includes two concentrations: Social Justice - Social Services with Diverse Populations and Substance Abuse. With contemporary curriculum grounded in professional social work education standards developed by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), and liberal arts, the Bachelor of Social Work prepares students for 21st Century social work micro, mezzo, and macro practice, as well as for admission to Advanced Standing MSW and other graduate school programs.

General Requirements

The general requirements for all baccalaureate degrees are as follows:

Total credit hours-124

Upper division (courses number 3000 or above) credit hours-40

Resident credit hours-30 (excludes nontraditional credit)

Of the last 60 credit hours earned for a Bachelor’s degree, 30 credit hours must be resident hours.

Students in the evening programs in Business and Education may transfer a maximum of 12 semester hours during or after completion of their program.

Students in the Pastoral Ministry major may transfer a maximum of 30 semester hours during or after completion of that major. If they transfer more than 6 hours, they are required to complete 45 resident hours, which may include 15 hours nontraditional credit.

Sixty-two (62) credit hours must be from a four-year college/university

Satisfactory completion of specific major requirements (9 upper division hours, excluding nontraditional credit and cooperative education courses, must be resident credit)

Satisfactory completion of general education requirements

Cumulative GPA of 2.0

Completion of university comprehensive assessment activities

Approved application for degree. The application deadline is listed in the online schedule of classes and students are expected to meet that deadline for filing.

Goals for Baccalaureate Graduates

Inspired by our Catholic identity and common mission to work together for the purpose of empowering our graduates to transform society, students will embark upon the interdisciplinary process of becoming more capable thinkers, lifelong learners, ethical actors, and advocates for justice and peace in our global society.