2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 21, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduation Information

Academic Honors

Dean’s List

Students completing 12 or more credit hours at the end of a semester are included on the Dean’s List if they have attained a grade point average of 3.5 for that semester. Students receiving an “IN” (incomplete) grade (unless for an approved two semester honors project) will not be included on the Dean’s List.

Graduation Honors

Eligibility for graduation honors is based on the following criteria:

Baccalaureate degree candidate:
cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above
minimum of 60 resident hours
(excludes nontraditional credit).

Graduation honors indicated on the diploma and transcript are:
SUMMA CUM LAUDE 3.9 cumulative GPA
MAGNA CUM LAUDE 3.7 cumulative GPA
CUM LAUDE 3.5 cumulative GPA

Students who do not meet the 60 resident hour requirement for graduation honors but have a 3.5 or above GPA receive the designation “Academic Commendation” on their transcript.

Students earning a second degree will have honors calculated only on the courses that are used to meet second degree requirements.

Non Academic Cords

In 2019, Newman University’s Student Government Association worked alongside Newman University leadership to develop an opportunity for students to be recognized for their non-academic involvement on campus. Non-academic stoles signifies a student’s co-curricular involvement on campus during their full tenure at Newman University and the transformational impact their leadership has had on the campus community.

Diversity and Inclusion stole- Signifies a student’s cultural, religious etc. or resilience in facing a unique struggle because of their respective identification

Athletic Stole- Signifies a student who has earned their degree while participating in a sport for the totality of their time at Newman University.

Student Involvement Stole- Signifies a student who has positively impacted the campus community through their involvement or service on campus and in the community.

Honors in the Major

Baccalaureate degrees with honors in the major are granted to those students who have been nominated and accepted into the Honors Program by the respective school. The student must graduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or above, and a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or above in the major. Also, the student must have successfully completed a program which includes four hours of independent study, an oral comprehensive examination, and a recommendation of the nominee as an honors candidate by the Orals Committee. 

Honors in the major is printed on the diploma and transcript.

Application for Degree

Degree applications are sent by the Registrar’s Office to students who indicate they are graduating that semester via their Newman email address. Candidates for a degree must file an application for degree by the date published in the online schedule of classes. Failure to file by the designated date may result in the non-award of the degree for that semester. Students who complete degree requirements during the summer must file at the same time as the spring graduates. Summer graduates will receive their diploma at the completion of their summer course work. For all graduates, a degree will not be posted if the student has an “Incomplete” grade in any course. If degree requirements are not completed within the academic year in which the application was filed, a new application must be submitted.

Dual Degree Programs

The Three-Two Occupational Therapy Option offers students an opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in five years instead of the six years it typically requires. To participate, students would complete three years at Newman University, taking courses required for a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in biology. As part of their undergraduate program, students would also take prerequisite courses for the occupational therapy program. Upon completion of their undergraduate courses, they would make application to Washington University to complete the remaining two years of courses for a master’s degree in occupational therapy. When the first year in the master’s program is successfully completed, students will apply for a bachelor’s degree from Newman, then continue at Washington University to complete the master’s degree in occupational therapy.

A dual degree program in biology and medical technology is offered to students who complete the general education and major requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in biology at Newman and then transfer to Wichita State University to complete a bachelor’s degree with a major in medical technology. Credits from the medical technology program at Wichita State University will be accepted as transfer credit to allow students to meet the total hour requirement for a bachelor’s degree from Newman.

Newman University’s biomedical science major supports an agreement with Wichita State University for a 3+2 program, the successful completion of which will result in a bachelor of science degree from Newman and a master of science degree in biomedical engineering from Wichita State University in as few as five years. Credits from the M.S. in biomedical engineering program will be accepted as transfer credit to Newman University to allow students to complete both the 124 total hour requirement as well as the 40 upper division hour requirement.

Graduation Rate

As required by the Student Right-to-Know Act of 1990, Newman University hereby discloses that the graduation rate for first time, full time bachelor degree-seeking students at Newman for the six year reporting period beginning with the 2015 fall semester is 62.4%.

Multiple Degrees

Students who enter Newman with a baccalaureate degree from nationally accredited colleges/universities who attend Newman University to obtain a second baccalaureate degree are not required to take: (i) Skills Level Courses and (ii) general education level courses with the exception of theology and philosophy requirements. (Some majors may require a third course - please consult with an academic advisor). For clarity, in order to complete the Newman Studies Program, these students are required to take a maximum of 4 courses, which is 12 credit hours, meeting the following criteria:

  1. One Theology Course from the list of General Education Quest for Meaning Courses
  2. One Philosophy Course from the list of General Education Quest for Meaning Courses
  3. *One Capstone Course from the Quest for Meaning (Course Identification Number: NSP 4703 QM)
  4. *One Capstone Course that is philosophy focused, which can be taken from either the Human Story, Creative Spirit, or Universe We Live In. (An academic advisor will assist students in determining which courses meet the requirement of a philosophy focused course).

* Course must be taken at Newman University

A minimum of 30 resident hours must be taken beyond the first degree in order to obtain a second degree.

Students may not receive an associate degree and a baccalaureate degree in the same semester.