2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 18, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Admissions

PL 116315 Sec 1020 @ Limitation on Certain Commissions, Bonuses, and Other Incentive Payments:

Newman University does not provide any commission, bonus, or other incentive payment based directly or indirectly on success in securing enrollments or financial aid to any persons or entities engaged in any student recruiting or admission activities or in making decisions regarding the award of student financial assistance.

Newman University seeks to admit qualified students interested in career preparation through the liberal arts. A selective admissions process allows each candidate to be considered on an individual basis.

Returning Newman University Students

A student who was previously enrolled at Newman University, but has had an absence of two or more consecutive semesters (excluding summer term), must reactivate their official Newman University academic record through the Registrar’s Office. Returning students will be reactivated under the current academic catalog and assigned an advisor according to their declared major. If a student attended another post-secondary institution during their absence from Newman University, the student must submit all official transcripts at the time of re-enrollment.

Previously enrolled Newman University students do not need to go through the current admission application process. Please see the Registrar directly in order to complete an application for re-admission and re-enroll into Newman University.

Newman University is committed to partnering with military students. If a student has a leave of absence due to temporary military duty or assignment, they may re-enter under the original catalog of admittance, provided the degree and major are still available. Detailed information is available under Veteran Benefits and Certifications  .

New Degree-Seeking Students

Newman University accepts undergraduate applicants as either first-time or transfer students. First-time students are defined as those students who are beginning their college careers after receipt of a high school diploma or GED, regardless of college credits earned while in high school or the summer following graduation. 

How to Apply For Admission

All students are required to submit:

Application for Admission

A completed Application for Admission which can be found on the Newman University website. There is a non-refundable application fee for international applicants.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts of all academic work from any and all institutions attended are required. These must be submitted electronically from the institution or school to Newman University’s Office of Admissions through a secure, nationally-recognized online platform. If an electronic version cannot be obtained, please have your transcript mailed directly to Newman University, C/o Admissions Processing.

First-time student applicants must submit an official high school transcript or an official GED transcript. They are also required to submit official transcripts for credit attempted at a post-secondary institution while in high school.

Transfer applicants must submit official transcripts from each accredited college or university where coursework was attempted, as well as official transcripts for any in-progress coursework. For those transfer applicants who have earned fewer than 24 college credits, an official high school transcript or official GED transcript must also be submitted.

Minimum Requirements for Admission

First-time students:

Newman University is a test-optional institution. Admission is automatically granted to applicants with a minimum high school cumulative GPA of 2.25 on a 4.0 scale OR an ACT minimum composite super score of 21 (or SAT equivalent). Applicants falling short of both the GPA and ACT minimums will be considered for admission by a conditional review committee.

Applicants with an earned GED must have a minimum score of 165 on each of the four content area modules on tests taken in 2014 or later. GED scores received prior to 2014 will be evaluated by the admissions office.

Math and/or writing assessments may be required for some applicants.

Transfer students:

Admission is automatically granted to applicants with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.25 on a 4.0 scale from regionally or nationally accredited colleges or universities.

For those applicants who have completed fewer than 24 college credits at the time of application, the high school transcript or GED transcript is required in order to be considered for admission. See the first-time student GPA and GED requirements for more details.

Admission Acceptance Categories

Conditional Acceptance:

All admission standards are not met. Applicants who do not meet the stated criteria for admission may be asked to submit additional documentation for review including, but not limited to, an appeal letter, a personal resume, and a letter of recommendation. Applicants may be conditionally admitted following review. The academic success of students receiving conditional admission is reviewed at the end of their first fall or spring semester. If admitted conditionally, applicants are required to sign an academic contract that delineates the requirements for the initial and continued enrollment.

FULL ACCEPTANCE: All admission standards have been met.

Advisor Assignment

Upon admission to any undergraduate or graduate program, an advisor will be assigned to assist the student in developing a degree plan. The student is required to meet with the advisor before every registration to review or revise the degree plan.

Students engaged in course work that requires the use of human subjects for surveys, questionnaires, scholarly or research studies are to seek approval from the Institutional Review Board. Contact your program director or advisor for assistance.

Evaluation of Transfer Credits

An official evaluation of all credits earned will be made after the student has been accepted for admission and all required official transcripts and other documents have been received.

Transfer students holding an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree from a regionally or nationally accredited college will meet all Skills Course and General Education Course requirements except for the 3 hours of philosophy and 3 hours of theology required by all students at Newman University. Philosophy and theology courses taken elsewhere will be evaluated separately for potential transfer credit.

Undergraduate Students in Graduate Course

Courses numbered 6000 and above are graduate courses, ordinarily open only to graduate students. Undergraduate students who are within one semester of graduation may register for up to two graduate-level courses and receive graduate credit, provided the graduate courses are not used to meet the undergraduate degree requirements and that the student’s total course load for that semester does not exceed 12-13 credits. (Students with only a required practicum, including student teaching, remaining in their program of study may enroll in graduate courses in the immediately preceding term.) The two courses limitation may not apply to the summer term if a student is not enrolled in any other courses, as determined by the program.

While graduate courses taken by undergraduates (and not used to meet undergraduate degree requirements) will appear on the undergraduate transcript, these courses are not counted toward the undergraduate degree or used in the calculation of the final GPA. The credits may be counted toward the graduate degree.

An exception to these policies is made for undergraduate students admitted to combined bachelor’s/master’s degree programs.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Newman University also admits students who wish to earn academic credit but are not pursuing a degree at Newman University. These include guest students pursuing a degree at another college or university, students wishing to take classes in advance of their first fall semester and all other students not enrolled as degree seekers. Non-degree-seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.

Non-Degree Admission

Guest students from other colleges and universities, and those students who have earned a high school diploma or GED, are eligible to enroll as non-degree students. A non-degree admission application is available online. Transcripts are not required.

Non-degree students are not eligible for reduced tuition. Non-degree students wishing to change their status to degree seeking must complete a new application through the Office of Admissions as well as submit all required academic transcripts (see First-time Student and Transfer Admissions).

International Applicants

Newman University welcomes applications from international applicants across the world. International applicants can select to participate either in programs on campus as an F-1 visa student OR in an online program from their home country (or an immigration status that permits them to enroll in online coursework in the U.S.).

Individuals Applying to Participate in an on-Campus Program as an F-1 Visa Student Must Submit:

A completed Application for Admission, which can be found on the Newman University website. There is a non-refundable application fee for international applicants.

The results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS), ACT or SAT to confirm the applicant’s proficiency in the English language. Test results must be sent directly from the testing agency to Newman University. The test date for these exams cannot be older than two (2) years at the time of application.

Affidavit of Sponsor form with proof of financial ability to meet all required expenses during studies. Certified bank statements from the applicant and any sponsors are required.

Off-campus housing for international students under age 21 is not allowed unless living with a parent or legal guardian. Applicants may find more information about the dollar amounts required for documentation on Newman University’s website.

For first- time student applicants:

Official records of transcripts or leaving certificates from a secondary school(s) are required. For any documents not in English, an official English translation will also be required.

For transfer applicants:

Official transcripts from all institutions attended within the U.S. are required. Official course by course evaluations of transcripts from all institutions attended outside the U.S. are also required. Evaluations may be completed by members of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). Please go to NACES.org to view a list of the approved NACES members. Please have the official evaluation sent directly to Newman University. Information regarding these services may be obtained from the Office of Admissions or on the University website.

International Undergraduate Admission

Admission is based on the following criteria:

Successful completion of the secondary level of education. Generally, this should be comparable to the first-time student requirements listed above.

Success in coursework at the post-secondary level comparable to U.S. College or university work. Generally, this should be comparable to the transfer requirements listed above.

Proficiency in the English language as measured by one of the following exams: the TOEFL, IELTS, ACT or SAT exam. Applicants with a TOEFL exam result may be admitted with the following scores: a paper exam score of 530 or an internet exam with required section scores of 20 for the writing, 19 for the speaking, 15 for the listening, and 20 for the reading. The minimum requirements for IELTS is a total band-with score of 6.0, ACT English AND Reading scores of 20 and SAT Evidenced-based Reading and Writing section is 530. Applicants with scores lower than the requirements will not be accepted.

English proficiency requirements will be waived for applicants who have successfully completed 1 year of study in English at a U.S. institution.

If you believe you may be eligible for exemption from the English Proficiency requirements, please contact the Office of Admissions.

The Form I-20 Certificate of Eligibility will be issued to applicants upon acceptance to Newman University and proof of financial ability listed above. Each year all international students will automatically be enrolled in health insurance, unless a waiver is obtained from the Director of International Student Services. International student health insurance is billed automatically to international students’ accounts in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Individuals applying to participate in an online program from their home country must submit:

A completed application for admission (see detailed description above)

Proof of English proficiency (see detailed description above)

Official transcripts from all institutions within the U.S. and/or official transcript evaluations from all institutions outside of the U.S. (see detailed description above).

New Student Orientation

All first time students are required to attend Freshmen Orientation (Jet Days) and to register for GNST 1001 - Traditions and Transitions .

Transfer Orientation is offered each semester and new transfer students are encouraged to attend. The orientation session is designed to acquaint students with various aspects of campus life and to ensure a successful transition.